Book now your trip to the beautiful rainforest of Suriname itself. You can easily and fast booking through this website. All our travel to Brownsberg and the reservoir have 100% guarantee departure. These trips are offered on every Wednesday and Saturday, you can choose only a trip costs but also for the two-day tour in combination with the reservoir (location Ston Island).

Departure trip costs Brownsberg (1 day) **

100% departure Wednesday and Saturday(other days, on request from 2 persons) Including meal, Snacks, fruit, guide and entrance fees


€ 65,-for 1 day

Departure trip costs Brownsberg-reservoir (2 days)

100% departure Wednesday and Saturday (other days, on request from 2 persons) Including meals, Snacks, Snacks, fruit, Guide and entrance fees, dug-out, canoe sail, overnight stay and fish


€ 135,-for 2 days

The Trip

We drive from Paramaribo via the Kennedy Highway in the direction of  Brownsberg. You will get a small snack  from the guide during the bus ride. The guide will tell you during the ride about Suralco, the transmigration villages on Brownweg and on the  not so long paved road to Atjoni. Once we arrive at the mountain it is climbed by bus or car. Depending on the road, we may need to walk a little, the path may be a little slippery when it  has rained. Once arrived at the top, we go to the lookout point where you may take photos of the beautiful view over the Lake.

We make a walk on the mountain where you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that Suriname has to offer. The Brownsberg has a rich history with unique plants and trees, the guide will tell you everything about this. Normally we fall to the Leo-waterfalls, for this descent you must have a reasonable walking shoe with profile. It is not possible to run on slippers (apart from the local man). You may stand under the Leo-waterfalls and enjoy her delicious water.

After the Leo-waterfalls we make our way towards the Irene-fall, this descent is more difficult. For those who cannot maintain, may stay relaxed at the Leo-waterfalls. The Irene-fall is a beautiful waterfall and again you may enjoy the cooling water. After we are equipped with the Irene-fall starts the ascent of the mountain to the top. During this walk in the Woods there will be snacks and sufficient water to present your hunger and thirst.

Above a warm meal waits for you, we go directly to the table, there is the possibility for you to shower or freshen up. After the dinner you may just enjoy the mountain before we start on the descent and move us towards the reservoir. The one-day tourists driving towards the city drop the the two-day tourists at the reservoir (Ston Island) before heading back to the city.

At the Lake arrived, we install in the different huts, these cabins are luxurious and have all a bed for him or her. For the adventurers there is the possibility to sleep in hammocks (self included), however there is a little ready for everyone. After we installed ourselves and you have the chance to explore the peninsula or to have a nice dive between the treetops of  the reservoir, after that the evening meal will be ready.

In the evening we entertain a bit with a game of cards or tell each other fun stories about the day. Usually the Group sleeps  early, because of a exhaustive the day.

The next day you may sleep out and you will be woken with a delicious breakfast. There is a peaceful programme for the day, we’re going to enjoy sailing on the reservoir or you may sail in small boats*.

Today the lovers also can fish for Piranha ‘s, you’ll see that you don’t have to be a real fisherman for it and how fast the Piranha’s bite (watch out for your fingers). The local boatswain and guide will accompany you in safe here and before you know it you will catch a pile of Piranha’s. After the midday meal, we continue until 15: 00 on Ston Island and then we go to Paramaribo.
There you will arrive around 5.30.

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You can also book a day tour to the Reservoir (Ston Island), you do it by indicating this in the booking form in the section: optional.

*Only in groups larger than five persons, the boats are motorized.