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The Ralleighvallen are located on the Upper Coppename River. Here you can enjoy beautiful lakes and the impressive Voltzberg. This area is also known as a true bird paradise and inhabites up to 8 different species of monkeys, a must for nature lovers!

We leave in the morning from Paramaribo to Witagron. Then we go by canoe towards our accommodation at the Raleigh Falls. Once there you can explore the area or just relax. You can also swim in the rapids, relax or enjoy a delicious natural massage the streaming water.

The second day of the intensive climbing 240 meters high Voltzberg on the program. First we walk about 5 hours through the tropical rainforest. During this tour you are told everything about the area where you are. After climbing the Voltzberg is evening treated to the local band Kwinti: The Raleigh Boys.

The third day we fall into the rough motherfalls and we enjoy true paradise. After the motherfalls, we head back to Paramaribo.


Want to see the beautiful Raleighfalls and climb the impressive Voltzberg?

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Every friday from ‘t Vat at 7.30


Returning time Paramaribo



3 days, 2 nights




Breakfast: meals, drinks, snacks, fruits, gids and entree fees



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